fredag 9 november 2018

Pics from the book, Naxos gula citroner

I have two homes, Naxos and Stockholm. I would like to have three, as I had before, a place in the mountains, but it is always a question of who can support me.
Anyway, I was asked about writing and shooting pics in the same time. For me it is a question about energy. You have to decide, what comes first, pic och letters? I prefer to shoot first and write in the night, in the bed, before sleeping, because then the letters will form during the night. I also write short, like a blog, thats my energy. I can not write long stuff, my body doesn´t work like a writer, my body works like a short novel body.
I also have an idéa in my brain all the time, I go out in inspiration, but when I publish I always know  what I want to say. My stories are often a year long, it looks like I made them in five minutes, but the fact is that I have been moving them around for years,,but, when I write, I write very fast,,,,anyway, good morning and have a nice day